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Threaded couplings

Threaded couplings with a conical thread are a mechanical product made of specially prepared steel in the form of a cylindrical tube with an internal thread of a conical shape. The design is a hollow metal cylinder with a certain scheme of fixing the two ends of the reinforcement in it. The cylinder has a length of 7 to 20 cm, its diameter is equal to the diameter of a suitable rebar rod. A thread is cut inside the cylinder.
The task of the couplings is to fix the rod inside and not let it loose during operation. The edges of the reinforcement bars with pre-cut threads are placed inside the coupling butt-to-butt by torsion.
There are difficult cases when rods of different diameters are joined, this task is handled by transition couplings, which can be used to connect fittings of any diameter.
The connection of fittings with couplings with a conical thread is one of the most modern and durable connections.
This connection can be used in almost all types of modern monolithic construction.

Advantages of tapered thread couplings

Concrete reinforcement

Concrete reinforcement is one of the most important technical tasks of monolithic construction. The high-strength frame made of reinforcing elements makes the load-bearing structures more durable.
There are many ways to connect fittings, including overlapping and welding. But today, the technology of connecting fittings with couplings is the most advanced. Installation of coupling joints is used for the construction of residential buildings of any number of storeys and in the construction of objects of increased responsibility: hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, overpasses, seaports, coast defenses, industrial complexes, bridges, etc.