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Akstem company is a manufacturer of a wide line of construction couplings. The company offers products under its own brand name “Akstem”.
The company’s specialists study their field in depth, possess special professional knowledge and experience in completing construction projects of any scale with couplings, including exclusive structures that require an individual approach to equipment.
We are constantly working to improve the level of our service, to develop the product line, to harmonize and improve our products and services.
Our important advantages are:

We produce various types of reinforcement joints: standard, transition, positional, transition-positional, welded and anchor couplings.
Such a set of coupling configurations covers all the key systems for joining construction fittings for various types of structures and solves
various tasks during capital construction.
Our couplings are designed for all transitions and design solutions, for the possibility of connecting fittings of various diameters.
Our task is to provide our customers with comprehensive construction reinforcement solutions, providing confidence and reliability in the construction of the most modern structures and structures of any complexity, the implementation of development projects of any scale.


Production of couplings with a conical thread is carried out according to the specifications developed jointly with the A. A. Gvozdev NIIZHB of JSC ” SIC “Stroitelstvo” and have a certificate of compliance with GOST R.
The main provisions of the technical specifications MECHANICAL CONNECTIONS OF FITTINGS WITH CONICAL THREADS MANUFACTURED BY AKSTEM LLC meet the requirements:


Acceptance control

Acceptance of mechanical joints is carried out in batches consisting of joints of the same technology, one standard size of fittings of the same class and diameter.
Acceptance control is carried out selectively by random selection and includes:

Visual inspection


Instrumental control

Instrumental control consists of checking the tightening force of the connection in accordance with the requirements of the technical specifications and the regulations for the applied connections.
When specifying the tightening force, torque wrenches are used, which must be calibrated annually.
The tightening force of the couplings and lock nuts of the threaded connections is checked by a control tightening of at least 10% of the connections of the controlled batch.
The results of visual and instrumental control of connections are made out by the corresponding act.
After visual and instrumental quality control of the mechanical joints, the joints are selected for the tensile test.
The mechanical joints of the reinforcement are subjected to periodic tensile tests at normal temperature.

Joint quality control under laboratory conditions

Control samples of mechanical joints are cut from the reinforcement installed in the structure, or are made in conjunction with the execution of the reinforcement joints of the structure being erected.
Control samples of joints made in conjunction with the execution of the joints of the reinforcement of the constructed structure must be performed on exactly the same equipment, using the same materials and under exactly the same conditions as during the production of works.
Both connecting rods of control samples are taken from one batch of reinforcement (for transition joints – from two batches).
The samples of the joints are subjected to control tensile tests with the following frequency:
– 3 samples for the first 50 connections;
– 3 samples for each subsequent 500 connections.