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AKSTEM company is a supplier of couplings for joining construction fittings.
The production base of the company is located in the Moscow region.
We offer:
– Production of various types of couplings with a conical thread according to the needs of your project.
– Services for cutting threads on fittings on our machines at the customer’s facility according to its technical specification.

All our products are tested in modern laboratories. The company has a quality control system at all stages of production.
All our products are certified and comply with GOST standard and ISO systems, international quality standards in the construction industry.
We produce various types of reinforcement joints: standard, transition, positional, transition-positional, welded and anchor couplings.
This set of coupling configurations covers all the key systems for joining construction fittings for various types of structures and solves various tasks during capital construction.
Our couplings are designed for all transitions and design solutions, for the possibility of connecting fittings of various diameters.


Construction couplings



Размеры:: 16 - 40 мм

Цена:: по запросу



Размеры:: 16 - 40 мм

Цена:: по запросу



Sizes: 12-40 mm

Price: on request



Sizes: 12-40 mm

Price: on request

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